Medical gas supply systems

The size of the hospital, clinic, outpatient department or practice decides the scale & components of the medical gas supply.

While hospitals mostly rely on switching-stations for liquid gas tanks and cylinder bundles, the sup-ply of smaller consumers is often provided by individual cylinders with appropriate switch-over.

Area control units are used to monitor medical gases in operating theatres & departments. The gas extraction in operating theatres, intensive care / post-anaesthesia care units & patient rooms is carried out via gas spe-cific gas outlet points.

Gloor Medical offers all these components and a wide range of special regulators & accessories. In Switzerland this includes planning, installation, service and maintenance of the central gas supply and vacuum and pressurised air preparation including the relevant pipe network.

Whether you are interested in a complete solution or just individual components from our range: we look forward to hearing from you.

Medical gas supply systems
Medical gas supply systems
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