Inselspital – Berne University Hospital

Inselspital – Berne University Hospital
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The Berne University Hospital decided in 2017 to use for new projects terminal units DIN and control and shut-off valve boxes of Gloor. In the course of this decision, gas outlet devices, pressure regulators and central gas supply components from Gloor will be increasingly used.


Last realized project with Gloor products: New building Theodor-Kocher-Haus Commissioning June 2018


Current project with Gloor products: Construction sector 12, new main building Commissioning 2023

Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Swiss Paraplegic Centre
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New construction and expansion of the clinic 2016 to 2019

  • Preparation of the medical gas installation for the supply of three operating theatres, 16 intensive care units and 60 bed rooms in the new north wing
  • Renovation of the existing ward rooms in the east and south wings, replacement of the terminal units and installation of new control and shut-off valve boxes
  • Installation of a new generation plant for medical and technical compressed air
  • and distribution centre for all gases during operation / replacement of the oxygen switch-over with tank feed
  • delivery of the terminal units for compressed gases and vacuum

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital
  • 2019 Conversion and refurbishment of the cardiac catheter laboratory and radiology department without interrupting operations
  • 2019 Reconstruction of children's hospital and neonatology. Renovation of the ward rooms and installation of new terminal units
  • Replacement of the terminal units in the surgical department in the hospital centre
  • Delivery of gas outlet and suction devices

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