Emergency services

Emergency medical equipment must be robust, easy to operate & functional. Three examples of what we mean by this:

Pressure reducing valve Varius: extremely robust, desired flow rate can be easily adjusted by turn-ing. Functional, as up to three additional non-flow rate regulated outputs can be configured, up to four consumers can be connected.

Switching valve Flow Switch: As soon as a stationary oxygen supply is available after arriving at the hospital, the device switches to this without interruption. The switching valve automatically switches to stationary supply source when coupling the tube to the gas outlet point, and in return, automati-cally switches back to cylinder supply as soon as the tube is uncoupled.

Jetflow flow controller: very robust and position independent. Precise dosage by simply turning the ratchet disc. Various flowrate ranges can be selected for the highest functionality. Also available in a double version. Ideal for care of patients in major emergencies (MANV emergency box).

Emergency services
Emergency services
Emergency services
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