Vacuum regulators up to –85 mbar

Vacuum regulators up to –85 mbar
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SWISS optio low vac

The low vac at a glance:

  • for continuous adjustment of vacuum up to - 85 mbar
  • precise setting of low vacuum
  • silent in use
  • with integrated shut-off valve for interruption of suction process
  • the application is mainly in hospitals and clinics and as well in medical practice

The field of application of the medical vacuum regulator low vac is mainly in the area of continuous drainage. The low vac is used for the precise regulation of low vacuum and is coupled directly with the country-specific probe into the extraction socket of the corresponding central vacuum supply.

The low vac is silent in operation, whereby the vacuum can be adjusted continuously by means of the regulating handle from 0 up to - 85 mbar on the capsule-type vacuum gauge. The low vac is equipped with a shut-off valve so that the vacuum supply can be closed with a rotary motion of 180°. After re-opening the shutoff valve, the vacuum remains unchanged after the break without any re-adjustment.

On the aspiration connection of the low vac, a septic fluid jar is connected directly or by means of a hose and where appropriate a bacterial filter.

The low vac is certified in accordance to EN ISO 10079-3, CE marking according to the Guideline for Medical Products 93/42/EEC, annex IX, rule XI, class IIb.

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Technical data:

  • Construction

    diaphragm vacuum regulator

  • Vacuum regulation ranges

    0 up to - 85 mbar (overpressure valve opens at 0.05 bar overpressure)

  • Vacuum indication

    0 up to - 150 mbar

  • Throughput

    at - 25 mbar : 27 l/min

    at - 55 mbar : 43 l/min

    at - 85 mbar : 52 l/min

    for additional information about further values, ask for our flow charts

    (the throughput and the adjustable range is dependent on the supply vacuum)

  • Inlet

    external thread G1/4“, DIN, NF, AGA, BS, UNI probe (others on request), clamping rail bracket with NIST inlet

  • Outlet

    threaded nipple 9/16“ UNF, hose connector

  • Material

    body brass, external parts nickel-plated

  • Sealing material

    Cu, PA6, FKM, NBR, VMQ

  • Operating temperature

    -20° up to +60°C

  • Dimensions

    W x H x D: 92 x 147 x 133 mm

  • Weight

    960 gr

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