Two-stage pressure regulator for variable working pressures

Two-stage pressure regulator for variable working pressures
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SWISS optio reduc hp2

The reduc hp2 at a glance:

  • For the variable regulation of a working pressure of 0-10 bar
  • Extremely constant working pressure thanks to the two-stage construction
  • High flow capacity
  • For the direct connection of one medical gas consumer
  • With integrated pressure relief valve
  • Mainly intended for use in clinics

he reduc hp2 medical pressure reducing valve is used for the direct supply of a consumer with medical gas at a variable or fixed supply pressure from a high pressure gas cylinder.

Thanks to the two-stage construction, the pressure reducing valve provides a very constant working pressure while the gas cylinder is being emptied. The first pressure stage reduces the cylinder pressure to 20 bar. The pressure can then be adjusted between 0-10 bar in the second pressure stage.

The reduc hp2 is fitted with a high pressure gauge for the cylinder pressure and a low pressure gauge for the indication of the set working pressure (both gauges according EN 837-1). Depending on the model, the desired working pressure can be adjusted using the regulating handle, or can be set to the desired working pressure in the factory.

The reduc hp2 is used for the direct supply of medical equipment, flow measuring devices or for the direct feed of an emergency supply of a central medical gas supply system.

The reduc hp2 is certified in accordance with EN ISO 10524-1 (incl. ignition test for oxygen); CE marking according to the Guideline for Medical Products 93/42/EEC.

Technical data:

  • Construction

    Two-stage diaphragm pressure reducing valve

  • Inlet pressure

    200 bar

  • Outlet pressure

    0-1.5 / 0-4 / 0-6 / 0-10 bar or preset at customers request

  • Flow rate

    Q1 = 18 Nm3/h / Qmax = 28 Nm3/h

  • Irregularity coefficient i

    ~0 (P1=200...20 bar)

  • Gas

    Air, O2, CO2, N2O, N2, He, Xe, test gas mixtures

  • Inlet

    Cylinder connection DIN, NF, AGA, BS, PIN-Index, UNI (others on request)

  • Outlet

    Lateral with G1/4" inner thread, NIST, quick coupling

  • Material

    Brass body, external parts nickel-plated

  • Sealing material

    EPDM, Si, PA, PEEK

  • Operating temperature

    -20° to +60°

  • Dimensions

    W x H X D: 150 x 125 x 150 mm

  • Weight

    2 kg

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