Pressure regulator with pressure indication

Pressure regulator with pressure indication
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SWISS optio basic

The basic at a glance:

  • Compact, robust construction
  • Set to a working pressure of 4.5 bar
  • Up to 3 outlets possible for the connection of consumers -
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Mainly intended for use in clinics and in emergency medicine
  • The pressure reducing valve can be supplied with a vertical or horizontal gauge

The basic medical pressure reducing valve is used to supply between one and three consumers with medical gas from a high-pressure gas cylinder at a fixed pressure.

Depending on the application, the outlets can be fitted with self-closing outlets, NIST housings or quick-release couplings. It must be observed that the cylinder has sufficient residual pressure depending on the required flow rate (s.technical data).

The basic is certified in accordance with EN ISO 10524-1 (incl. burn-out test for oxygen); CE marking according to the Guideline for Medical Products 93/42/EEC.

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Technical data:

  • Construction

    Single-stage piston pressure reducing valve

  • Inlet pressure

    200 bar

  • Outlet pressure

    4.5 bar (fixed)

  • Flow rate (Air)

    with residual pressure in cylinder of 10 bar: 55 l/min, 20 bar: 100 l/min,

    30 bar: 150 l/min

  • Gas

    Air, O2, CO2, N2O, test gas mixtures (other gases on request)

  • Inlet

    Cylinder connection DIN, NF, AGA, BS, PIN-Index, UNI (other on request)

  • Outlet

    G1/4” inner thread, as option with self-closing outlets M12 x 1, NIST-housings,

    quick couplings (country-specific)

  • Material

    Brass body, external parts nickel plated

  • Sealing material

    CU, EPDM, SI and PEEK

  • Operating temperature

    -20° to +60°

  • Dimensions

    B x H x T: 40 x 106 x 80 mm (standard version)

  • Weight

    590 g (screw connector)

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